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WDMES Party Bookings

The Welling and District Society Model Engineering Society facilities can be booked for parties on a limited number of days throughout the year. We are currently offering the following Saturday dates between 2pm and 4pm:

April 7th 21st

May 19th

June 2nd 30th

July 14th 28th

August 11th 25th

September 8th 22nd

We may also be able to offer party bookings on a limited number of Tuesday and Wednesday dates between April and September from 11am to 1pm, - subject to availability of volunteers.

Access to the site will be made available no earlier than one and a half hours before the agreed start time and we ask that you vacate the site shortly after the booked finish time.

As there are always more requests for parties than we can satisfy, and we aim to be fair to all of our customers, the policy is that a ballot will be held, when more than one person requests the same date, and the date is offered to the winner. Ballots for each months dates will be drawn on, or near, the first day of the month two months earlier, e.g. the ballot for May dates on 1 March, ballot for June dates on 1 April, etc.

A non-refundable deposit of £70.00 must then be paid within one week of us confirming that you have successfully booked your requested date, with the balance paid no later than two weeks before the party.

Should the person booking the party not pay the deposit and balance within the timescales required, or cancel the booking, we will offer the date to the next person in the balloted list requesting that date. If we are able to re-sell the date, we will then refund the £70.00 deposit.

The total cost of a party in 2018 is £150.00 for up to 20 children.

Additional children will be charged at £5.00 per head - except for toddlers under 2 years old and “babes in arms”. A reasonable number of supervising adults must attend, and we request that children are supervised and under the control of these adults at all times whilst on site.

As our site is part of a Public Utility’s facility, access is via a locked gate. One adult from your party supervisors must, therefore, attend the gate to admit and release guest from the site.

We provide the following facilities : A hot water boiler and gas stove plus tables and chairs inside the Club-Room. Additional Picnic tables will available outside. Please be advised, that you should bring bottled water for drinking cold and diluting squash type soft-drinks.

We request that you bag all rubbish in the black bin-bags provided and remove it from our site at the end of the party, as we don’t have the luxury of a council refuse collection.

A minimum of two trains will be provided throughout your party, and a short break would be appreciated mid-party. This can usually be planned to coincide with the children eating their party food and the ceremony of cutting the birthday cake.

The 2018 terms and conditions are available to download.

For more information, please email our